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IPA Recipe Kit Sale + up to 50% Off Hops


Label Peelers has a few great sales going on today.  This Brewer’s Best IPA Ingredient Kit is marked down $18.91 to $32.99.  Their entire lineup of hops (including Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra) is marked down 30% and a selection of clearance hops (guaranteed fresh or your rmoney back) is marked a whopping 50%.

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Great Prices on Hops – Bundles, Mix and Match and Single Variety

eBay Seller hausotterted has appeared on HBF many times.  We have received great feedback on this seller.

Periodically hausotterted takes there entire store offline.  I’m not sure why they do that, maybe they are traveling or maybe they are swamped.  Either way, If it’s a way to ensure timely processing, I think it’s a good thing.  It’s probably part of why they get such great feedback..

Anyway they are back with a bunch of 2015 (and more) offerings and bundles.  Their listings feature either free shipping or flat rate (all you can ship) $5.95 shipping.

Check it out – Here – offerings sorted by newest first

Nikobrew: Summit, Willamette and Nugget on Sale + Flat Rate Shipping


Nikobrew has full lbs of Summit, Willamette and Nugget on sale.

Hops are flushed with nitrogen and stored at a frosty 5 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their stability and freshness. Bundles with $5 flat rate shipping.

Check out Nikobrew’s Full Hop Selection

1 lb 2014 Summit – $10.50 + Flat Rate Shipping

1lb 2014 Willamette – $13.75 + Flat Rate Shipping

1 lb 2013 Nugget – $7 + Flat Rate Shipping

Nikobrew offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.

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Smart Weigh Digital Scale [Hops and Water Salts]

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, Tare, Hold and PCS Features 500 x 0.01g (2 Lids Included)

500 x .01 (1/100th) Gram Digital Scale by Smart Weigh.

Bright Blue Backlit LCD Screen. Weighs in Grams (G), ounces (OZ) and more.  Tare and hold functions.

The 1/100th gram resolution would make this a great scale for hops [See: 5 Recent Hop Finds], small amounts of specialty grains and water salts.

Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Back-Lit LCD Display, Tare, Hold and PCS Features 500 x 0.01g (2 Lids Included)

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100 Hop or Grain Bags

Hops Boiling Bags 100 Pack 28" (Beer Brewing Bags)

100 Pack 5″ by 28″ Bags for boiling hops or steeping grains.  Grain capacity is 3 to 5 lbs.

Hops Boiling Bags 100 Pack 28″ (Beer Brewing Bags)

Also: 5″ x 15″ Disposable Muslin Bags from Morebeer [single] | 5 Recent Hop Finds

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1 lb Citra Hop Pellets – $24 at Brew Hardware

citra lb

Brew Hardware has lbs of Citra hops for $24.  Cascade is $15 per lb.  Check out Brew Hardware’s full hop selection

Shipping is a Flat $7.99 with a $150 order or free with a $299 order.  Check out recently featured Brew Hardware Finds.



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Flat Rate (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) options are available.

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MoreBeer Daily Deal: Homegrown Hops Book – $10.75, Save $3

9210 (1)

Product Description – Here – Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here to see if this is still available.

Homegrown Hops BK5600$13.75 $10.75 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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