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304 Stainless Weldless Bulkhead, Silicone Gaskets – $9.98 Shipped

CONCORD 1/2" Weldless Bulkhead Fitting for Beer Wine. Full 304 Stainless Steel

1/2″ Weldless Bulkhead.  All metal parts are made from 304 stainless.

  • Easily attaches to any 1/2″ NPT Ball Valve, Thermometer, Etc
  • Easily installs onto your weldless brew kettle setup.
  • Solid 304 Stainless pieces will ensure to last a lifetime.
  • Silicone O-rings

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $9.98.  Shipping is also free to select addresses.  Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

CONCORD 1/2″ Weldless Bulkhead Fitting for Beer Wine. Full 304 Stainless Steel

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Stainless 1/2″ Full Port Ball Valve – $10.99, Limited Availability


1/2″ Full Port Stainless Steel Ball Valve from MoreBeer.

About from MoreBeer: “Our Ball Valves will last for years. Easy to clean. High grade 304-stainless made to last. 1/2″ FPT on input and output side.  TIP: You can take a ball valve apart using two crescent wrenches. This will allow you to open up the valve to get to the ball and the two PTFE gaskets that form the seal when closed.”

Product Description – Here – Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day. Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section Here to see if this is still available.

Stainless Ball Valve – 1/2″ Full Port H602 – $15.99 $10.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

This ships for free as part of MoreBeer’s Free Shipping Promo.  Grab your next recipe kit – See: BrewMaster SeriesBrewing Pliny, some gear, something that’s on sale or clearance and put together a $59 order to get free shipping.

Resource PostStainless Steel Fittings, Disconnects and Ball Valves – Part Numbers and Sources

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Gas Quick Disconnects with Built in Shut Off Valves

Colder PLCD17004 Acetal Tube Fitting, Coupler, Shutoff, In-Line, 1/4" Flow Coupler x 1/4" Barb

PLCD17004 Coupler by Colder Products Company

1/4″ Flow Coupler x 1/4″ Barb.  Max Pressure 120 PSI.  Operating Temps -40 to 180 deg F.  NSF Rated.  Meets – FDA, USDA, NSF and ROHS specifications.

This has an integral inline shutoff valve.  That means when you disengage/de-couple this QD is stops the flow of gas.

I use similar QDs on the gas side of my system.  With those, I can swap out lines, remove lines from my kegerator and add on utility devices.  You could also use these to easy swap between ball and pin lock lines.

Colder PLCD17004 Acetal Tube Fitting, Coupler, Shutoff, In-Line, 1/4″ Flow Coupler x 1/4″ Barb

Colder PLCD22004 Acetal Tube Fitting, Insert, Shutoff, In-Line, 1/4″ Insert x 1/4″Barb

There are also straight through versions of this coupler.  Those do not have the inline check valve and will release pressure when you disengage.  See: PLC17004 and PLC22004.  The inline QDs are also cross compatible with shutoff versions.

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Three Piece Stainless Ball Valve

Merit Brass Stainless Steel 316 Ball Valve, Three Piece, Full Port, Lever, 1/2" Socket Weld

Three Piece Stainless Ball Valve by Merit Brass.  316 Stainless.  1/2″ full port.

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for up to the minute description, price and availability.  Also: Today’s Deals on Amazon

Merit Brass Stainless Steel 316 Ball Valve, Three Piece, Full Port, Lever, 1/2″ Socket Weld

1/2″ SS Fittings: Street Elbow | Elbow | Tee | Hex Nipple | NippleCoupler | Plug | Cross

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1/4″ Stainless Tee Fitting… $1.68 + Spunding Valve Build


1/4″ Stainless Steel Tee Fitting by Merit Brass

This fitting is featured in our Spunding Valve Build.   cln_tn_spundingA Spunding Valve allows you to ferment under pressure, naturally and precisely carbonate in the keg, fix over-carbonated beers and more. See: [Build a Spunding Valve].

10/12/16 10 AM Central: This highly rated fitting is selling for $1.68.  Shipping is also free, with a qualifying order, as part of the Amazon’s Add On promotion. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.  See Recent Amazon Finds and our Amazon Fillers Resource Page to help you put together an order that qualifies for free shipping.

Stainless Steel 304 Cast Pipe Fitting, Tee, Class 150, 1/4″ NPT Female

1/2″ SS Fittings: Street Elbow | Elbow | Tee | Hex Nipple | NippleCoupler | Plug | Cross

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Reader Tip: Weldless Kettle Valve Kit with QD Set & Bulkhead

Thanks to HBF Reader “ECG” for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]


As of this posting, AliExpress has this assemble for $16.15 with $8.87 shipping.  Check the offering page for up to date price, description and availability.

Stainless Steel homebrew Weldless Kettle Valve Kit, 1/2″BSP,with Quick Disconnect Set and bulkhead assembly

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Brewing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!Brewing MoreBeer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!

10 Gallon Cooler to Mash Tun Conversion Kit… $68 + Hands on Review

cooler conversion kit

This Brew Hardware kit includes everything you need to convert a 10 gallon Igloo or Home Depot Rubbermaid Cooler to a Mash Tun.

This kit includes…

  • 12″ stainless steel domed false bottom with upgraded large ID connection elbow
  • One piece (Brew Hardware custom designed) machined bulkhead with interior barb
  • 2 piece stainless ball valve – can be upgraded to 3 piece
  • Required length of high temp silicone tubing
  • Does not include cooler or barb/camlock.  Barb and camlock fitting options are available under accessories on the right side of the screen.

from Brew Hardware: “What makes our kit different than the competition? Ugh, now we have to brag just a little. The bulkhead we include in this kit is custom machined out of hex bar stock to our exact specifications making it extremely simple to install and leak free from day one. It’s not a bunch of off the shelf parts made with half a roll of teflon tape. We also use a high flow elbow connector at the false bottom which also features a custom made smooth bore retainer. Long story short, we’ve held off on offering cooler false bottom kits for a long time until we had all the high end components described here.” [full product description]

Options are available both for an Igloo 10 gallon cooler and for Home Depot’s 10 gallon cooler.   A complete converted option is also available.  That includes the cooler along with your choice of connection fittings.  This is Flat Rate Shipping (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) eligible.

This is the conversion kit I use and it’s… awesome.   tn_img_0322-300x225Check out my Hands on Review.

This has been sold out for a while, but is available again as of this posting.


Also ConsiderAll Stainless Steel Mashing Made Cooler False Bottom 10 Gallon – $109.99


Flat Rate (with $150 order) and Free Shipping (with $299 order) options are available.

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