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13 Gallon Food Safe Drums for Fermenters and Grain Storage


13 Gallon HDPE Food Safe Fermenter Grain Storage

13 gallon food safe containers via eBay. Drill a 1/2″ hole in the lid and add an airlock grommet [Search: Airlock Grommet] and you’re up and going with a 13 gallon fermenter. You could also use this as a food safe 13 gallon grain storage container. At an estimated 5 lbs per gallon, these would hold approximately 65 lbs of grain. These are pre-used barrels. They were used to hold pharmaceuticals.

from HBF Reader Aaron: “I own one of these, they do have an o-ring and work great for storing grain or fermenting in.”

These are selling for $20 + $23 Shipping.  The seller will combine shipping for multiple items (contact the seller for actual USPS charges).  Or… if you live in or around Rancho Cucamonga, California you can arrange for local pickup.

Home Brewing Beer Fermenter 13 Gallons HDPE 2 – $20

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Ends Today: Pre-Sale Discounts on SteelTank Fermenters and ThermoBarrel Insulated Mash Tuns


Chapman Brewing Equipment has a few products that are available for pre-sale with expected shipment in mid June.  Shipping is also free.  Two sizes of SteelTank Fermenters are included in the deal along with two sizes of ThermoBarrel insulated mash tuns.

Promo code PREDISCOUNT5376 takes 10% off all pre-sale items.

7 Gallon SteelTank (Portless) ST07NP$119.99 $107.99, Save $12 with discount

14 Gallon SteelTank (Portless) ST14NP$149.99 $134.99, Save $15 with discount

15 Gallon ThermoBarrel TB15G1$409.99 $368.99, Save $41 with discount

20 Gallon ThermoBarrel TB20G1$499.99 $449.99, Save $50 with discount

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$9.99 Fermonster Wide Mouth Fermenter! with $100 GF Purchase


Great Fermentations Memorial Day Sale is live.  Spend $100 and you can get a 6 or 7 gallon wide mouth FerMonster Fermenter for just $9.99.  Use promo code MEMORIAL16 to get the deal.

$9.99 FerMonsters for Memorial Day

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6 Gallon Glass Carboy

Kegco KC FP-CB-06 Glass Carboy, 6 gallon, Clear

6 Gallon Glass Carboy Fermenter.  Easy to sanitize, does not scratch easily and will not hold odor.

5/25/16 9 AM Central: This highly rated 6 gallon carboy is selling for just $36.75 with free shipping.  This is a great deal.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Kegco KC FP-CB-06 Glass Carboy, 6 gallon, Clear

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Free Thermometer and Carrying Strap with FastFerment Purchase + New Recipe Kit


Buy a Ferment 7.9 Gallon Conical Fermenter from Great Fermentations and they’ll throw in a free Thermometer and a free carrying strap.

Grab the full details

Also at Great Fermentations – New Brewer’s Reserve Kits available – Everyday Frenchman Saison and White Knight IPA – all grain and extract

Bundles With: $8.99 Flat Rate Shipping


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Freshly Dumped Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels – $115 + Free Shipping


5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels from Balcones Distilling in Waco TX.  These barrels are aged with Award Winning Whiskey for a minimum of 6 months.  They are recently dumped and ready to be filled with your homebrew – consider a stout, porter, amber, brown or barleywine.  Made of American Oak.  Can be used multiple times for clean fermentation with proper care.  Comes with a stand and rubber bung.

A free barrel brewing guide (in downloadable pdf format) is also available on the barrel page.  It is… An overview of barrel anatomy, wood types, first-use prep list, cleaning, storing, aging beer, fermenting and souring in oak barrels.

These are marked down to $115 and, for limited time, also include free shipping

5 Gallon Used Whiskey Barrel$159.99 $115 + Free Shipping

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SS Brew Tech Brew Bucket Stainless Conical Fermenters – $195 Shipped

Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Fermenter

MoreBeer has marked down SS Technologies Brew Bucket Fermenters $30 from $225 to $195.  These also ship for free.

Brew Bucket Fermenters are made from food grade 304 stainless steel.  They have a rotary racking valve and sport a 6.95 gallon capacity.  They also nest for easy storage and stack on top of each other for space efficient fermentation.  Silicone lid gasket with a spring loaded lid for an airtight seal and… more.

Ss Brewtech Brew Bucket Stainless Steel Fermenter FE800 – $225.00 $195 + Free Shipping

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