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Catalyst Fermentation System – Conical Fermenter – $159, Save $46

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The Catalyst Fermentation System, Craft a Brew, 6.5 gal Conical Fermenter for Beer Home Brewing and Wine Making

The Catalyst Fermentation System, Craft a Brew, 6.5 gal Conical Fermenter for Beer Home Brewing and Wine Making

  • 6.5 Gallon Conical Fermenter that separates sediment, eliminates transfers and allows you to bottle straight from your fermenter
  • The Catalyst’s tank is made from Tritan, a food-safe, BPA-free polymer. This revolutionary material retains the same clarity and smoothness of glass, but is resistant to shattering
  • 3″ Trub Trap Butterfly Valve – the largest in the industry- is designed to work with any large-mouthed mason jar, which makes catching and storing viable yeasts or separating sediment super simple
  • Includes: 6.5 Gallon Tank with Lid, Stand (Base, 2 Legs, 2 Support Beams, 8 Screws), 3″ Proprietary Butterfly Valve, Bottling Attachment, Transfer Tubing, Tubing Clamp, Rubber Stopper
  • 16 Oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar, Allen Wrench, Total Height (does not include airlock): 26.25″ Maximum Width: 17″

11/16/17 10:30 PM Central: This has dropped $46 to $159. That’s the best historical direct from Amazon price I found. Shipping to most US addresses also is free. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly. For Comparison, MoreBeer has it for $199.99.  Check the product page for current price, description and availability.

The Catalyst Fermentation System, Craft a Brew, 6.5 gal Conical Fermenter for Beer Home Brewing and Wine Making

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Back in Stock! Balcones Distilling Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels

5 Gallon Used Whiskey Barrels from Balcones Distillery in Waco, Tx.

About, from AIH: “Take your next brew to the next level with this Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrel! Hailing from an award winning small batch distillery in Waco, TX, these oak barrels will add depth and complexity to your next batch. Comes with stand for easy storage.”

Use to barrel age your homebrew, or… create your own barrel aged whiskey by combining a neutral liquor with still spirits premium whiskey profile kit.

Availability of these barrels is touch and go, as of this posting, they are back in stock and marked down to $109 ($30.99 off list) Get the equivalent of 5% back on this purchase through AIH’s free rewards program. Price, shipping and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Used 5 Gallon Whiskey Barrels

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Genesis 6.5 Gallon Fermenter & Cryo Hop Bundle Sale at William’s Brewing


About the Genesis Fermenter from William’s Brewing: “The Genesis™ is a 6½ gallon fermenter made of BPA free HDPE and features gallon markers and a wide 5½” threaded lid with sealing gasket, stopper, and airlock. It can be used with or without its unique sterile liners, although the disposable liner eliminates the need to sanitize and clean, a huge labor savings, in addition to eliminating headspace.

The Genesis™ is the first fermenter with zero headspace, if used with its BPA free sterile disposable liner system. This makes it a perfect fermenter for the secondary fermentation of wine, as you can eliminate oxidation from air contact. Included with the Genesis is the lid, stopper, airlock, gasket, and two sterile barrier liners. 29” tall with airlock, 10½” wide, 10½” deep. Made in U.S.A.”

  • No Sterilizing or Chemicals Needed*
  • No Cleanup*
  • No Headspace (great for wine secondary ferments)*
  • Space Efficient, only 10½” wide
  • Solid handles for lifting safety
  • *(when used with its sterile liner)

For a limited time, get 5 one ounce packs of Cryo™ Hop Pellets in a bundle with the Genesis for only $69.99. Cryo hops feature double the alpha acid and essential oils per ounce as regular pellets, and included in this bundle are 1 oz. of Citra, Simcoe, Cascade, Mosaic, and Ekanuot.  Check product page for current price and availability.


This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals


Visit William’s Brewing – Web Only Clearance Sale

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MoreBeer Pre-Black Friday Carboy Sale – Save 25%!

MoreBeer is discounting their entire lineup of glass carboys by 25% for their Pre Black Friday Sale.  Selection includes 3, 5, 6 and 6.5 gallon sizes with Italian made options available. Shipping is free to most US addresses with a qualifying order.  No coupon or promo code is necessary.  Discounted prices are reflected on each product page.

Since MoreBeer’s cart accepts multiple promo codes you can get in on this and their Deal of the Day (while supplies last)

Pre Black Friday Sale at MoreBeer

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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7.9 Gallon Speidel Fermenter – $52.99 + Free Shipping + Review

The very popular 7.9 Gallon Speidel Fermenter is More Beer’s Deal of the Day.

I own both 5.3 and 7.9 gallon Speidels.  They are great Fermenters.  Check out my Hands On Review of the 5.3 and 7.9 gallon sizes.  See the whole line including replacement parts.

speidel fermenter

Product Description – Here.  Use coupon code BEERDEAL to get this discount.

Speidel Plastic Fermenter – 30L (7.9 gal) FE715 – $59.99 $52.99 + Free Shipping

Availability: This is a More Beer Deal of the Day.  Quantities are limited. Check the Deal of the Day section – Here – to see if this is still available.

Speidels are great fermenters packed with features.  Heavy Duty HDPE Construction – durable and resistant to oxygen transfer,  Safe – no glass breakage risk, built in handles, large lid opening means easy cleaning, all ports seal with gaskets, includes spigot (no more siphoning) and 2 Piece Speidel airlock.  Designed and manufactured in Germany.  Available in sizes from 3.2 gallons all the way up to 31.7 gallons.

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New from MoreBeer: BrewKeg10 – pressure capable fermenter and serving system


BrewKeg10 by WilliamsWarn from MoreBeer: “Ferment under pressure and serve 2.5 gallons of beer from the same vessel without ever transferring! The BrewKeg from WilliamsWarn is a unitank that allows you to ferment, carbonate and serve all in one vessel, saving you money on other equipment.

The BrewKeg lets you ferment up to 2.5 gallons of wort at up to 25 psi. Fermenting under pressure reduces esters allowing your beer to ferment at higher and more varied temperatures. The fermenter also includes a yeast collection ball so you can remove yeast and trub without having to rack to a seprate vessel. The BrewKegs all stainless steel construction and conical bottom make it perfect for extract, partial extract, and all-grain brewers.

The BrewKeg is also a great way to get started in homebrewing. We offer Williams Warn No Boil recipe kits you can add direcly to your BrewKeg, ferement and done. Its just that easy!”


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Conical base
  • Extra large, easy to remove sediment ball
  • 25 psi working pressure & built in relief valve
  • Beer is carbonated perfectly at the end of fermentation
  • Beer ready to enjoy sooner
  • Eliminates kegging
  • 2 Units will fit perfectly in our Keg King kegerators
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • BrewKeg Accessories and WilliamWarn No Boil kits available

As of this posting, this is available as a pre-sale for $449.99.  Check MoreBeer for current price and availability.

BrewKeg10 FE150

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What’s going on at MoreBeer Today?  Today’s Deal of the Day | Sale Items

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Hands on Review: Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter

This review is by Homebrew Finds Contributor Brad Probert.  Brad is an engineer, expert homebrewer and experienced reviewer.  Grab a link to Brad’s website at the end of this review.

Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter

There are a lot of different fermenters on the market. Most of us started with the standard 6.5 gallon plastic bucket, and many never looked back. Going against its dinosaur-like name, the Fermentasaurus attempts to be a vision of the future, and differs from the plastic bucket in material, shape, and features.

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