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2 lb Hop Bundle – Centennial + 1 lb – from $30.95 Shipped

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eBay Seller hausotterted has appeared on HBF many times.  We have received great feedback on this seller.

They have recently added a new 2 lb bundle offering.  1 lb of Centennial + 1 lb of your choosing.  Many varieties are available, most are fresh 2015 crop hops.

Fresh Hops! Centennial plus Bundle 2 pounds total. Your Choice – from $30.95 + Free Shipping

Check out this seller’s current listings – sorted newest first

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100 Pint Size Vacuum Sealer Bags 4 mil Thick – $16.59


100 FoodVacBags 6X10 Pint Size Vacuum Sealer Bags by FoodVacBags.  4 mil Heavy-duty bags with embossed air-removal channels.  FDA Approved and BPA Free.  Microwave and dishwasher safe.  Resealable storage pouch included for every 50 bags.

I use these and I can tell you that they are nice, img_cln_img_1192-e1451946777942-300x225high quality vac bags.  They are mentioned in my FoodSaver V2244 Review.  These pint size bags can hold approximately 10.5 ounces of pellet hops.

100 6×10 PINT FoodVacBags Food Storage Vacuum Sealer Bags! 4 Mil Food Saver – $16.59 + Free Shipping

Also100 FoodVacBags 6X10 Pint Size 4 mil Vacuum Sealer Bags Commercial Grade

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StirStarter Stir Plate… $42 Shipped

StirStarter Stir Plate eBay

StirStarter Stir Plate for $42 + Free Expedited Shipping via eBay.  Includes Stir Plate, Stir Bar and “keeper magnet” (helps you retrieve stir bar after use).

I’ve used the StirStarter for years and it has worked very well for me.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

More Info

From the description…

“Here’s good news for all you beer home brewers. YOU don’t make beer; your one-celled friends called yeast do all the work! That’s why happy, healthy yeast is the cornerstone of good brewing practice. You can make sure your yeast is ready for action in the fermenter with a magnetic stir plate. I built one and like it so much I have decided to build more and sell them to the home brewing community at a fair price. I call my version the StirStarter.

Home brewing discussion forums are full of details on how to make your own stir plate with used spare parts like hard drive magnets, computer fans and old cigar boxes. It’s a fun weekend project and if you’re mechanically inclined it might even work!

But if you’re not ready to invest the time and effort to build and perhaps troubleshoot your own creation, let me do the job for you. I am a registered professional electrical engineer and I have spent many hours improving the design of the StirStarter. My eBay seller status, 100% positive feedback and obsession with customer service means you can buy with confidence!

The StirStarter comes complete with stir bar, operating instructions and a “keeper” magnet to lock the stir bar in place so it won’t end up in your fermenter when the yeast is pitched!

For detailed product specifications, yeast starter info and helpful construction hints if you want to build your own, do a Google search on the word StirStarters.

The StirStarter will be shipped via Priority Mail after the receipt of your order. The StirStarter is guaranteed forever. If it fails to perform for ANY reason, ship it back to me for repair or replacement at no charge.”


Check it out – Here – if that has ended, check the seller’s Other Items to see if it has been re-listed

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5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs – $35 + Shipping


Used 5 gallon pin lock kegs via eBay seller mceverdistributors.  May have minor scratches and dents.  All tanks will have working parts and will hold pressure.

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A note on shipping: Per the description.  If you receive a very high shipping rate from eBay, contact the seller for a quote.

5 Gallon Gal 5Gal Pinlock Pin Lock Coke Homebrew Home Brew Keg Tank Beer Draft – $35 + Shipping – If this offering has sold out or changed, check out the seller’s other items

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(6) Packs of Safale US-05 – $16.25… $2.71 Each Shipped


(6) 11.5 gram packs of Safale US-05 for $16.25.  Shipping is free.  That figures to just $2.71 per pack shipped.  Safale US-05 is the Chico Ale Strain similar to Wyeast 1056 and White Labs WLP001.

6-PK-FERMENTIS-SAFALE-US-05-American-Ale-Home-Beer-Cider-Brewing-Yeast-Homebrew – $16.88 + Free Shipping

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10 Replacement Keg Lid Feet – $3.83 Shipped

10 pcs Brand new Cornelius or Firestone Kegs Lid Feet Replacement home brew

10 replacement keg lid feet for $2.84 with 99 cent shipping

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10 pcs Brand new Cornelius or Firestone Kegs Lid Feet Replacement home brew – $2.84 + 99 Cents Shipping

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stirstarter stir plateGreat Deal: StirStarter Stir Plate

Heavy Weight Chrome Tap Handles on eBay


Heavy weight chrome tap handles via seller Beer Peripherals on eBay.  Multiple designs are available including the pictured “The Knob”.  Hands are $25 each.  The first ships for $8 and each additional ships for $5 more.

Update: This post originally said these were stainless.  They are in fact chrome.


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