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East Coast Yeast Single Strain Saison Available

East Coast Yeast

East Coast Yeast specializes in artisanal yeast blends and pure yeast strains of long forgotten and difficult to find yeasts.

Availability of ECY is sketchy at best.  It’s my understanding they are a small operation.  When pitches become available they generally sell out quickly.

As of this posting love2brew has ECY14 Single Strain Saison available.

This search sorts by availability – Available strains will show up first.  Shipping is free with a $75 order.

AlsoGigaYeast DIPA · Imperial Organic Canned Yeast – MoreBeer | Great Fermentations

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Brew Link Supply Belgian Sale


Brew Link Brewing Supply is discounting select Belgian themed ingredients and kits including… Candi Sugar and Yeast along with a couple Belgian recipe kits (in both extract and all grain versions).

Also at Brew LInk…

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Belgian Bottle Sale at MoreBeer



MoreBeer has 12 count cases of 750 ml Belgian Style Bottles on sale.

from MoreBeer: We’re discounting our Belgian beer bottles! These bottles are thick, and extremely high quality. High quality bottles are easier to keep clean and are less likely to break, meaning these should last for multiple batches so don’t miss your chance to save! We’re sure your best homebrew will impress your friends and family when they receive it in a corked Belgian bottle!

To read more and place your order, click here.  *No coupon code required.

A note about shipping.  Since cases of bottles are heavy, they typically do not fall under free are flat rate shipping offers.  Consider the total cost shipped.  When figuring shipping… closer is generally better, so shop around to get the lowest shipped price for the quantity that you’re looking for.  These shops are geographically dispersed…

Belgian Bottles @: MoreBeer | Northern Brewer | Brew Hardwarecln_belgianbottles750-2t

Also Consider… All Sale and Clearanc53_1449191776e Items

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Safbrew T-58 on sale for… $1.50

safbrew t-58

Bell’s Brewery General Store has Safbrew T-58 on sale for $1.50.  About T-58: “Known for its high ester, spicy and peppery flavor profile, able to tolerate high alcohol conditions up to 11.5%.”

This strain is typically used in Belgian style beers.

Also on sale at Bell’s: Cascade hops by the lb, UK hops, Coldbreak Brewing Wort Chiller, LME, Fruit Bases, StirStarter bundle and more – Sale Items.  They also have pounds of hard to find Citra, in stock.

Shipping is also discounted – Use Coupon Code 50SHIPPING for $5 off your shipping cost with a $50 purchase or use Coupon Code 100SHIPPING for $10 off your shipping cost with a $100 purchase!

Fermentis Safbrew T-58 Dry Yeast – 11.5 g – $1.50

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Mortar & Pestle Set

Mortar & Pestle Set by Karter Scientific.

Use to grind up herbs and spices for Belgian beers and beyond.

213Y5 Karter Scientific Mortar & Pestle, Porcelain, Glazed 4-inch, 45mm

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Buy a “Storm the Bastille”, Take 50% Off Petite Saison!

Petite Saison Discount Homebrew Northern Brewer

Buy a “Storm the Bastille” Imperial Farmhouse Ale Recipe Kit from Northern Brewer and take a whopping 50% Off Petite Saison Recipe Kit!  Applies to extract versions of these kits.

Grab the full details and promo code

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1 lb D90 Belgian Candi Syrup… $4 via Bell’s General Store

Dark Lovibond 90 Liquid Belgian Candi Syrup - 1 lb

According to the manufacturer D90 is their most versatile Belgian Candi Sugar.  It’s also award winning.  Look for flavors of dark chocolate, a little bit of coffee, toffee, dark stone fruit along with medium toasted bread notes.  D-90 is good for all Belgian Ales.

Bell’s General Store has this marked down to $4.  Doing some comparison shopping, that’s the lowest price I could find.

Dark Lovibond 90 Liquid Belgian Candi Syrup – 1 lb – $4

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