Homebrew Hack: Mimicking Dual Stage Temp Control with a Single Stage Controller

Pictured: Inkbird IPB-16 15A Digital Pre-Wired PID Temperature Controller Overriding temperature controllers give you more control over heating and cooling devices.  They work by power cycling the device based on temperatures read.  This is extremely valuable for homebrewers for both homebrew kegerators and for controlling fermentation temperatures.  This technology allows you to operate a chest freezer […]

Homebrew Gear that’s Made in the USA!

Here are some homebrew and craft related gear options that are Made in the USA.  This is our understanding as of the time this post was published.  Note some items may be made or assembled in the USA from internationally source components.  Please check with manufacturers for detailed information and to confirm origin and assembly […]

Oversize Keg Lid O-Ring – for leaky lids

Oversize Keg Lid O-Ring from William’s Brewing. About, from William’s: “Unlike standard lid O rings which have a .280″ cross section, our exclusive Oversize O Ring has a slightly larger (.310″) diameter, and is molded from softer rubber, for a more positive seal at low dispensing pressures. An ideal fix for an older keg with […]

Repairing Loose Cornelius Keg Handles and Bases

Pictured: Loose Handle/Bottom Ball Lock Keg via Adventures in Homebrewing This technique comes via Facebook friend Jason Connect with HBF on Facebook].  Thank you Jason! Jason’s technique for repairing loose handles on Cornelius kegs: Use automotive brake cleaner to clean the metal and rubber. Scuff both the metal and rubber with an emery cloth. Get an appropriate […]

Tips and Gear for Growler Filling

Pictured: Stanley Vacuum Insulated Growler via Amazon – Review Filling a growler or small draft dispenser from your draft setup is an easy and straightforward process.  Here are some tips and tools for making this as easy and efficient as possible. Start with a clean growler.  Use some growler cleaning tabs, PBW or your favorite homebrewing cleanser. […]