Using a Keg as a CO2 Source for Portable Serving!

This technique uses an economical inline secondary regulator to utilize a spare keg as a CO2 source to serve a keg.  I’m not suggesting this setup as a replacement for your kegerator CO2 tank.  You still need a standard CO2 tank.  What this setup could be very useful for is as a replacement for those […]

A Recommendation For All Grain Brewers – Use Two Scales

As all grain brewers we are generally weighing things in two categories.  Moderately large amounts of things – grain and smaller amounts of things – like hops and water salts. Although weighing both types of things involve a scale, they are really wildly different activities. I’ll take the pictured Ultraship Ultra-55 [Hands On Review] as an example.  […]

My Favorite Size of Star San & Why

Star San – via Amazon Star San Acid Sanitizer.  8 oz size.  No rinse when mixed properly.  Container includes built in measure. From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability: Self-foaming acid sanitizer ideal for brewing, dairy and other food and beverage equipment Extremely effective bactericide and fungicide and is […]

Small Batch, All Grain Stove Top Brewing + Water Calculation Spreadsheet

I periodically brew small (1-3) gallon all grain batches of beer on my stove top.  Some reasons I do that… 1.  The weather – it’s too cold, too hot or too something else, 2.  Time or 3.  I want to test something.  It’s a fun, simple, quick and economical way to brew all grain with […]

Convert a Keg Into a Fermenter!

Kegs has some really distinct advantages as vessels, in general… They are made from stainless steel They are well built They are pressure capable They are generally well made, many times designed for years-long tough commercial use How about we convert these into fermenters? One economical way to do this is to remove the gas […]

Kegerator Tubing – Barbed vs Flare Fittings – what should you use?

Pictured: Four way CO2 Manifold via William’s Brewing I think that the general consensus among homebrewers and home kegerator builders is that… MFL/Flare/Swivel connections are superior to barbed connections.  That’s just my read on the situation, no scientific basis for that statement.  After all, MFL swivel thingies look cool, they’re easy to attach and you […]

Tip: Dissolving Dry Malt Extract More Easily – Hot or Cold Water?

Pictured: 3 lbs Briess Golden Light Dry Malt Extract (DME) via Amazon This is a quick and simple tip… Dry Malt Extract dissolves more easily into cold water than it does into hot water.  That seems a little counter-intuitive to me, but I’ve found it to be true.  It seems to clump up a lot […]

Finding Harder To Find Yeast Strains – Bootleg Biology, The Yeast Bay, East Coast Yeast and More

White Labs and Wyeast are pretty well ubiquitous.  Most shops carry both or at least one of these great lineups.  In addition to their many regular options, both companies periodically have special seasonal releases.  They produce outstanding yeast, bacterias and blends. If you’re looking to try something new… This post aims to help you find […]