The Last Balcones Barrels

From William’s Brewing: “We have just received the last of the Balcones Drained Whiskey Barrels in 5 gallon size. These contained their Rumble Rum Blend from up until 2016, and then their Malt Whiskey from 2016 on, until being dumped on Monday, December 3rd, 2018.  Make your own Whiskey Barrel Stout or Whiskey Barrel Porter. Now in stock for a limited time”

I read this as these are the last 5 gallon Balcones barrels ever.  I had heard they were going to discontinue using this very popular size (from a  homebrewers perspective) a while back but had been hoping the information was wrong.

From a tip I received in late 2016…. “Balcones is stepping up to full size barrels , so these smaller 5 gallon barrels will be going away next year”

They’ve appeared on Homebrew Finds many times over the years from various retailers and have been insanely popular.  If you’ve been considering one of these, now’s the time.

Drained 5 Gallon Balcones Whiskey Barrel

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