Reservoir Distilling Drained Bourbon Barrels – Limited Supply via William’s Brewing

From William’s Brewing: “Have you ever wanted to make a true bourbon barrel stout, or an oak aged barleywine? We now have 5 gallon American Oak bourbon barrels from Reservoir Distilling in Virginia. These are once used barrels which have stored Reservoir’s premium craft bourbon for at least 2 years before being drained on December 3rd. These impart a deep whisky/bourbon-oak flavor and are perfect for aging your strong ales, and also ideal for sour ales. Barrels are crafted in the USA from oak grown in Virginia. A wood stand is optional. 13.5″ wide, 17.5″ long, 17.5″ tall with optional stand. Very limited supply.”

Drained 5 Gallon Reservoir Bourbon Barrel

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