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The Grainfather is an electric all grain brewing system. Mash temperature is precisely controlled with an electric heating element. A pump recirculates throughout the mashing process ensuring even temperatures. At the end of the mash, The Grainfather becomes your electric brew kettle. The Grainfather includes a counterflow chiller. 8 Gallon system for indoor or outdoor brewing.

About the Grainfather

from MoreBeer… The Grainfather is a new all in one Brewing System with a hefty feature set, and an economical price tag. It has a small footprint, but will brew 5 gal of beer from grain using household 120 v power. Mashing takes place in the inner Stainless basket, and recirculates through the perforated plate (also SS!), resulting in great efficiency and clarity. This unit also includes a counterflow chiller for cooling wort post boil.


  • 304 SS Construction
  • Tempered Glass Lid for mash insulation
  • Mag Drive Pump (6 Watt 1800 rpm)
  • SS Pump Filter
  • Expandable Grain Basket will fit a wide range of grain bills
  • SS Perforated filter for grain basket
  • 1600 Watt Heating Element
  • Temperature Controlled Elements for mash control
  • Insulated Recirculation Pipe
  • 8 US Gal CapacityIncludes cleaner
  • Includes CounterFlow Wort Chiller


As of this posting, MoreBeer has this marked down $100.01 to $789.  Shipping to many US addresses is also free.  Price, promotions and availability can change quickly.  Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this this post was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit the product page.  Check the product page for current price, description and availability

The GrainFather – All Grain Brewing System (120 v) AG600

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