MoreBeer Temperature Controlled Conical Fermenters on Sale

From MoreBeer: ” Fabricated in the USA in the MoreBeer! metal shop, our conicals have set the standard since their release as the first stainless conicals for homebrewing in the 1990’s. Our conicals are used and trusted by Sierra Nevada, Stone, Samuel Adams, Russian River, Lagunitas and more for pilot brewing and ingredient testing. Raise your homebrewing to the next level with features like pressure capabilities up to 5 psi, rotating racking arms, welded in place threadless fittings, and models featuring automatic cooling and heating. When you want the best, consider a MoreBeer! Conical Fermenter.”

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MoreDeals! at MoreBeer:
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  1. Brewie Automated Brew System: MoreBeer’s Deal of the Day is a whopping $1,300 off, limited supplies
  2. Free Hop Spider: with BrewBuilt Kettle Purchase
  3. BeerSmith 2.0: for $18.99
  4. MoreBeer’s Kit(s) of the Week: Kit of the Week – 20% off! – 8 recipes discounted this week!
  5. Hops! While you’re placing an order, check out MoreBeer’s Hop Market.  That features rotating deep discounts on hops.  Maximize free shipping and grab a deal on hops.
  6. Project Extreme Brewing: 20% Off Kits

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