Beverage Doctor pH Meter

Beverage Doctor pH Meter Pen

Beverage Doctor pH Meter Pen via Austin Homebrew Supply

About, from AHS:”Check your pH in style with this pen style pH meter. The Beverage Doctor is an incredibly accurate pH meter with a resolution of .01 pH and includes automatic temperature compensation (ATC). Cap seals over the probe perfectly, preventing your probe from drying out and helping extend its lifespan. This probe is designed to be both affordably and easily replaced whenever you need. Entirely waterproof, the Beverage Doctor is constructed of high quality components.

To get the most accurate readings, The Beverage Doctor uses an incredibly easy to use 3 point calibration system. Simply insert your probe into the appropriate pH calibration solution closest to the pH of your test sample and the push the CAL button. The pH Meter will detect which solution value is being used, and auto calibrates in less than 5 seconds.”

As of this posting, Austin Homebrew Supply has this for $49.50. Check AHS for current pricing and availability.

Beverage Doctor pH Meter Pen

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