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Keg Connection Build Your Own Jockey Box

Build Your Own Jockey Box via Keg Connection.

About: “This kit allows you to build your own Jockey box. A jockey box allows you to dispense your beer from a keg that is not iced down by having beer pass though the cold plate inside of an ice chest. The large aluminum plate is a more effecient way to cool the beer than icing down the entire keg. The cold plate has 12 feet of 1/4″ stainless steel line inside. With only one line running in the plate it should keep up well for your cooling needs. The larger diameter red hose is dual durameter, NSF rated, food grade beer hose for bringing the beer into the system. The smaller diameter clear hose is also dual durameter beer hose and exits the cold plate attached to a beer shank. Both lines are made in the USA or Canada. If you need the gas side of this it is offered in the below drop down menu. You can also get Couplers and home brew keg disconnects in the dropdown. The base price includes exactly what you see in the photo, including the pass through for the rear of the jockey box. We recommend adding a 15/16 Hole saw if you don’t have one so you can drill the holes in your cooler for the shank in the front and the pass through in the back.”

Price varies based on the options you choose.  Also bundles with Keg Connection’s Flat Rate Shipping.  That ships your order for a flat fee, no matter how large it is.

Build Your Own Jockey Box at Keg Connection

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