Ready Made Hot Rod Heat Stick from Brew Hardware – 1,500 Watts (or more)

Ready to use Hot Rod Heat Stick via Brew Hardware.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

You can buy this as a bare-bones kit elsewhere on the site and add whatever wire length and element you want. This particular item is a ready to plug in heat source that is fully prewired for you with the features most commonly requested.

It includes the bare bones hotrod hardware, an element (choice in dropdown), 12 feet of 12/3 SJEOOW cable, and a plug (choice in dropdown).

*Please note that if you plan to use a temperature controller of any kind that will interrupt power to the hot rod, you MUST wire in your controller between the GFCI plug and the hot rod itself. You may not interrupt power BEFORE the GFCI plug because it is designed to trip upon power failure. If you want to plug this hot rod into a controller, you should order the one with the plain 5-15P plug on it and just make sure that you have GFCI protection upstream of the controller.

If you would like to add additional footage of the 12/3 cable, add it as a separate line item and note in comments to add that additional length to the hotrod.


  1. Vertical conduit bend options: Left straight, you get about 28″ of overall height. This option only needs to used if you have a very deep pot. The most common option is the 90 degree bend. This allows for less strain on the cord but the max pot depth (if you want it to nearly sit on the bottom) is 23″. Finally, if your pot is only about 19″ tall, you can opt for the 170 degree bend which will loop you over the pot wall like a Sheppard’s hook and make the wire drop straight down. If you are using this in addition to a flame under your pot, the 90 degree bend gives you the best clearance to keep the wire away.
  2. Plug type: Standard plug is just a 15 amp 3-prong plug that will fit any standard outlet. If you choose this option, we HIGHLY recommend that you confirm that the outlet you will use regularly is GFCI protected (the ones with the test/reset buttons). The other option is to have us equip the hotrod with a GFCI protected plug. This will protect you from potential shock regardless of the outlet type you plug into.
  3. Element wattage. You have a choice between a LWD 1500 watt or an ULWD 1650 watt element. The 1650 has a slightly less chance of scorching wort while putting out 10% more power. Both will run on 120v 15 amps.

The minimum pot width for this unit is 11.5″. It WILL fit the Grainfather, Mash N Boil, etc

GRAINFATHER, Mash N Boil, Robobrew USER FAQ:

1. Have you heard of anyone using this on a grainfather?
Grainfather users are my top customer base for the hot rod. The 90 degree bend works great.
2. How do I add additional length to the cable when ordering?
If you get the Ready to Use unit with the 1500 watt element, the way to add more length to the cord is to add item Cable12 to the cart with the number of feet to add on.… It’s $1.35 a foot.

3. How much faster will the water heat?
The stock 1600watt heater in the GF takes 60 minutes to take 7 gallons of water from 70f to 158F. With the addition of the 1500 watt HR, it will reduce it to 30 minutes.
Similarly, when you pull the grain and start ramping to a boil, the ramp will take 18 minutes instead of 35.
4. How do I control the boil?
Once you hit boil, instead of running on 1600, it’s best to let the hotrod run at 1500 watts and then switch the GF into mash mode which only adds 500 watts but the combined 2000 is about right for a decent rolling boil.


Availability of this can be touch and go. Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.


Other versions are available.  Search “Hot Rod” on Brew Hardware

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