1/2 lb Citra for $14.99 + free ship eligible

About Citra, from MoreBeer: “Citra is currently one of the most sought after hops among craft and home brewers for their intense citrus aroma and flavor. Grapefruit and lime aromas along with gooseberry, passion fruit, and lychee notes. Currently one of the top choices for late hop additions or dry hopping when you want to make that ultimate hop bomb IPA or Pale Ale. Citra also has a fairly high alpha acid content making it a good choice for bittering IPAs, Pales, and American Ales. Supply has been limited in the industry but MoreBeer! loved this hop from day one and bought a lot of it years ago on contract.”

As of this posting, the 8 oz size of this is selling for $14.99.  When you figure it by the lb, that’s not the lowest I’ve seen for sure, but it’s a solid price if you’re not wanting to bite the bullet on an entire lb.   Shipping is free to most US addresses with a qualifying $59 order.  Check product page for current price and availability.

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