Brewing [College Text Book] by Michael Lewis and Tom Young – $9.20 + $5.99 Shipping! in Digital Version

brewing by michael j lewis

Brewing by Michael Lewis and Tom Young.  Dr Michael Lewis is Professor Emeritus at UC Davis.

Note that this is a college level title that is for advanced brewers or those aspiring to become advanced brewers.  Check out the preview pages for a better idea of what’s in this book.

3/6/18 2 PM Central:  This is a college textbook and a notoriously expensive title.  I noticed the the Digital Version of this title is selling for a scant… $9.20.  Shipping to most US addresses is $5.99.  Note:  I have no idea what you’re going to receive as there isn’t a lot of info about the digital version on the product page. The publisher, Springer, does list an eBook option on their website.  That is listed as a PDF file and is currently selling for $69.99.  That could be what you get when you order this or it could be something else, maybe extra digital content.  I just don’t know.  If it is the book in PDF format, presumably on a CD, this is a stellar deal.  Price, shipping and availability can change quickly. Check the product page for current price, description and availability. 

Brewing by Lewis and Young – digital version

Brewing by Lewis and Young – paperback

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