Announcing: Keg WaSsher from Ss Brewtech – CIP Keg Washer

Keg WaSsher from Ss Brewtech

Keg WaSsher from Ss Brewtech via Adventures in Homebrewing

About, via AIH:

“NO MORE SCRUBBING!  The Keg WaSsher from Ss Brewtech is an amazing new way for homebrewers to quickly and easily clean their ball lock kegs! This hands free cleaning system utilizes a powerful CIP spray ball attachment and submersible, chemically resistant submersible pump to thoroughly clean the interior and ports of your keg without disassembling disconnects, posts and poppets. The Keg WaSsher easily fits inside a 5 gallon buckets, allowing you to easily set up 3 different bucket for cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing without changing your Keg WaSsher. Using only 2 gallons of cleaning solution, the Keg WaSsher also has a lower environmental impact and lessens chemical waste than traditional cleaning methods.

To operate, simply remove your keg lid and insert the spray ball attachment. Ensure that our keg is secure against the Keg WaSsher’s silicone baseplate seal and secure the unit on your keg. Attach your 2 ball lock disconnects to their respective posts and make sure there are no kinks in your line. Invert your keg and insert in cleaning solution, then just activate your pump. Grab a beer and let the Keg WaSsher do your keg cleaning for you!”

Ss Brewtech Keg WaSsher Features:

  • Powerful CIP Spray Ball
  • Chemical Resistant Submersible Pump
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Cleans Keg Interior & Ports Simultaneously
  • Entire Assembly fits in 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Perform Clean, Rinse, & Sanitize with 1 Unit

This looks like a cool product to me.  AIH has put a page up for this and it’s marked for pre-order.  Current price is $199.  Check AIH for current pricing and availability.

Keg WaSsher from Ss Brewtech

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