5% Off + 5% Back at Adventures in Homebrewing via Newsletter Sign Up and Rewards

5% Off.  Sign up for Adventures in Homebrewing’s Newsletter and you’ll get a one time use 5% off coupon.  This is for new subscriptions only.  Check out the details on the sign up page.

5% Back.  AIH offers the equivalent of about 5% back through their rewards program.  You’ll get the equivalent of 5% back to use toward a future purchase.  Unlike most coupons and sales including the 5% off mentioned above, this works on pretty well everything and gets you a de facto discount on lines that are subject to MAP (minimum advertised pricing) like Blichmann, Grainfather, SS BrewTech and more..

This 5% back also stacks with other sales including items on AIH Sales Page

Newsletter Sign Up | Rewards Program | AIH Sales Items

Free Shipping on Blichmann.  AIH is also offering free shipping on most major Blichmann items including… BoilerMaker G2 KettlesFermenator Conicals, TopTier Brew Stands (includes all configured options),

Also: Check out AIH Sale Items – Selection Changes Regularly

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