Robobrew Scratch & Dent Sale! + Hands on Review

About… “The Robobrew with Pump from Keg King features a recirculation pump with an on off switch, as well as a false bottom and grain pipe to both protect the pump from clogging, and hold the crushed grain above the bottom for good wort circulation. The Unit holds 9 gallons, although we do not recommend boiling more than 6½ gallons (perfect for 5-6 gallon batches). The grain pipe (basket) holds up to 18 pounds of crushed malt, and a pipe with silicone hose on top feeds the recirculated wort from the pump evenly on top of the grain bed. Runs on any GFCI protected 110 volt plug with at least 15 amps.

Something like a simpler Grainfather, the Robobrew has a basic electronic thermostat that lets you set temperature and also has a delayed start feature, so you can program it to turn on up to 23 hours in advance, handy when you want hot strike water when you return home from work. Although multiple temperature rest mashing cannot be programmed, you can do this manually, by turning up the temperature during the mash to a new set point.”  [keep reading]

As of this posting, William’s has a limited number of scratch and dent units.  The last batch of units were missing a piece of padding and this caused three dents in the bottom which will not affect use.  The sale saves you $50 making scratch and dent Robobrew’s $449.99.  Check William’s Brewing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

Robobrew at William’s Brewing

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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