Dark Lord Imperial Stout Clone – via Great Fermentations Brewer’s Reserve Series

The “Snark Lord” via Great Fermentations: “Get ready for Snark Lord, a big, delicious imperial Stout modeled after a “dark” commercially available beer with a strikingly similar name. We developed this beer kit as part of our Brewer’s Reserve line of beer kits based partially on the fact that the commercial version is only sold one day a year. We figured, why not make a snarky version of our own? A grain bill with loads of specialty grains gives this imperial stout a wonderful base on which cold-brewed coffee and vanilla is added. With a high original gravity, this makes quite the potent brew that can develop further complexity with age! We highly recommend saving back a few bottles in your beer cellar and bringing them out after six months or longer. What you’ll discover when you open an aged bottle of this luxurious stout is a beer full of rich, heady flavors and aromas. All hail the Snark Lord!”

As of this posting, Great Fermentations has released all grain and extract recipe versions of this clone as part of their Brewer’s Reserve series of recipe kits.  Prices start at $49.99 and bundle with flat rate shipping.  Check the Brewer’s Reserve Page for current offerings.

Brewer’s Reserve Kits at Great Fermentations

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