AmScope 1000x Microscope – [Yeast Counting, Banking, Farming and Propagation]

AmScope M100C-LED Compound Monocular Microscope, WF10x and WF25x Eyepieces, 40x-1000x Magnification, LED Illumination, Brightfield, Plain Stage

M100C-LED Compound Monocular Microscope by Amscope

  • FIVE Magnification Powers Up to 1000x
  • 45 degree Inclined 360 degree Rotatale Monocular Head
  • Single Lens Condenser with Disc Diaphragm
  • Metal Framework and Built-in LED Illumination

Use to count yeast and aid in the process of banking and propagating yeast for your homebrew.  At up to 1000x magnification you’ve got plenty of magnifying power.

Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for current description, price and availability.  Also: Today’s Deals on Amazon

AmScope 40x-1000x All-Metal Student Cordless LED Field Biological Compound Microscope with All Optical Glass Lenses

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