2 x Burner Stands – 220k BTU – $159.99

2 Burner System 14'' Burner Stands 200,000 BTU

2 x 220 BTU Propane Burners

About, from AIH:
“We did it. All of our suppliers told us we were nuts. For years, the BTU’s on outdoor burners have been going down. What with deep-fried turkey burn the deck down liquid fire running down the drive-way, you can’t blame our wholesalers for wanting to lower their insurance premiums and with that, BTUs.

Customer comments and message board woes have not escaped our attention, Homebrewers want more. Nobody would do it for us, so we did it ourselves.

We’ve designed a stand and assembled a burner with a 10 psi regulator, a brass control valve and 48″ of LP Hose. (Hose type may vary based on availability) These burners will top out at a whopping 220,000 BTUs, just like the days when deep frying a turkey(and homebrewing) was deemed insane!

With that being said, by purchasing this burner you assume all responsibilities for not setting you, your friend, your house, your friend’s house… your friend’s cat, on fire. You should also be completely prepared and expect to singe arm (or eyebrow) hair.

These burners are made for homebrewing. They are 14″ square across the top for a large stock pot (Designed for 1/2 and 1/4 Barrels) They are 11″ tall.
Perfect for full boils and all-grain brewing.”

As of this posting, this combo is marked down to $159.99.  Check product page for up to the minute price, description and availability.

2 Burner System 14” Burner Stands 200,000 BTU

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