Brauler Growler and Neoprene Carrier

Brauler 64oz/2Liter Growler

Brauler Stainless Steel 64oz/2Liter Growler.  Rugged, heavy duty stainless steel.  Comes with carrying/insulating bag made of wetsuit material.

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  • The 64 ounce Bräuler stainless steel growler keeps your beer just like its creator the Brewmaster intended. The UltraCap seals like no other. Every Bräuler is tested to many times normal beer pressure. Deep-machined threads assure a tight seal (No wimpy rounded pressed-in threads or oddball wire lash-ups).
  • A Joy on the Trail, in the Stadium, on the Golf Course and At Home. Use it on the table or in the fridge. Use it on the trail or at base camp super chilling to icy cold in a stream or in a snow bank awaiting that thirst quenching end of the day. Included insulating skin keeps beverages cold and maintains product beauty. Shoulder strap provides a handsome carrying combination. Beauty and the beast wrapped into one incredible Bräuler growler to-go beer container that’s always welcome.
  • Beloved by Bartenders and Friends Alike! Hydro-dynamically designed for a quick 37 second fill followed by capping in the foam to capture all of the freshness. Wasting foaming-over-the-top beer on a growler fill is a thing of the past. Then the open Bräuler delivers the smoothest pours ever. Totally beats a pitcher for no drip pours. All in the same beautiful work of art.
  • Use it in the fridge with several Bräulers vertical in the door or horizontal on the shelf to fit virtually any fridge. All filled with your latest beer discoveries. Collect beers from your favorite craft brewers and share your finds with friends at the end of a long week. You could also do like so many have done before you, start brewing and skip the messy bottling or kegging!
  • Rugged heavy duty stainless steel 64oz growler comes with skin/koozy made of thick rubberized wetsuit material


Brauler 64oz/2Liter Growler

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