Today Only: FerMonster 7 Gallon Widemouth Fermenter – $24


About, via Home Brew Supply:
“The Fermonster 7 gallon fermentor is a clear PET carboy with a built in 7 gallon marker for easy to read convenience. It features a 4” wide mouth opening and rib-less walls to make transfers, additions and cleaning quick and easy. It’s light weight and durable design help with transportation and batch loss due to carboy drops.

Like Glass, PET Plastic won’t let through any oxygen spoiling your batch. It’s colorless, odorless, and stain resistant. The only negative to using PET is the fact that it can scratch, and scratches can be places bacteria will hide out in. But a little care when cleaning will prevent scratching and keep you and your carboy happy.”

As of this posting, this is marked down to $24.  This is today, 5/3/17 only, while supplies last. Price and availability can change quickly.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Fermonster 7 Gallon Widemouth Carboy Fermentor

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