New from Blichmann Engineering: RipTide Brewing Pump!

About the new Blichmann Engineering RipTide Brewing Pump

“The RipTide Brew Pump from Blichmann Engineering is here! This is the first pump designed and engineered specifically for home brewers. The minds at Blichmann designed this pump to solve many of the problems that have plagued home brewers for years, and the results speak for themselves. The Riptide has a tri-clamp stainless steel head with integral linear flow valve and integral air vent valve that can be set to any angle, allows for perfect flow control and bleeding of air from the pump. No need to spend extra money and design your own solution, the RipTide has these built-in! The totally enclosed motor is much more resistant to water and splashing than comparable pumps, and runs whisper-quiet! An included stable base keeps the pump from tipping over when in use and acts as a cord wrap for easy storage. It includes a 10 ft power cable and even has a power switch for turning the pump on and off at your convenience! The RipTide simply makes more sense than other pumps for all your home brewing needs!”

Product Features

  • Curved impeller blade with rare earth metal magnet can pump 7 gallons per minute (GPM) and delivers a 21 ft lift!
  • Tri-clamp head disassembles in seconds for easy cleaning and can be oriented to any angle!
  • Motor is completely enclosed, splash-proof and whisper-quiet!
  • Integrated linear flow valve and air vent valve allow for easy priming, precise flow control and bleeding of air from the pump! No need for “bleeder valve” setup.
  • Large stable base included, allows for stable operation and a cord  wrap for the 10 ft. cord during storage.
  • Power switch on pump allows the pump to be turned on and off with ease!
  • Super-duper quiet operation!

Great Fermentations is located in the fine state of Indiana.  As such they seem to have a mind meld going on with Blichmann Engineering.  They probably all hang out at basketball games and such.  I imagine some level of frolicking is involved.  Anyway GF is quick on the uptake with regards to Blichmann Gear.  For example… check out their extensive line of replacement parts.

Blichmann RipTide Brewing Pump

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