A look at Thermoworks Thermapen Mk4!


Thermoworks just announced the release of the new Thermapen Mk4 (Mark 4) earlier today.   The new Thermapen boasts a number of great improvements and features including – auto rotating display, auto off with intelligent sleep and wake modes, intelligent backlight -standard, 3,000 hour battery life (now uses easy to find AAA batteries!), 3 second read times, accuracy to +- .7 deg F and… Waterproof! to IP66/67 standard.

Here’s a First Look at this new thermometer…

thermapen mk4 review
In the box

cln_img_9721Back of the box (click to enlarge)

cln_img_9724Thew new Mk4 features intelligent backlighting.  A version of backlighting was available on the previous Thermapen.  It was an additional cost.  Intelligent backlighting is now standard in every Mk4.

cln_img_9725Back of the thermometer.  Note the Serial Number has been removed from this photo.

cln_img_9727Side by side next to the previous version – now known as the Classic Thermapen [discounted while supplies last]

cln_img_9733The Mk4 has some additional heft.  Here it is on my American Weigh Gram Scale.  The previous version weighed 94.63 grams.  The Mk4 comes in at 111.42 grams.  About 17 grams heavier.  My guess is that AAA batteries make up most of that difference.

cln_img_9760Here’s the Mk4 in an ice water bath in my newer Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Growler.  This shows a couple things – First, it is reading 32 deg F.  Yay!  Second, you can see the rotating display in action.

cln_img_9750My favorite feature of the new Mk4… it is waterproof to the IP66/67 standard.  This is me running water on it in my utility sink.  You wouldn’t have caught me doing that with the previous version.


The previous version of Thermapen [Review] is still available (at a significant discount) while supplies last.

Classic Thermapen – $79

Thank you to ThermoWorks for providing me with a pre-release Thermapen Mk4 for this First Looks post an an eventual full review.

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