American Made Eagle Cap-Off Mechanical Bottle Opener – 10% Off for HBF Readers

The Eagle Cap-Off Mechanical Bottle Opener is a revival of an American classic manufactured nearly 70 years ago.  The folks behind Eagle Cap-Off have revived the company, Eagle Lock Company, and are manufacturing these according to the original design by hand in the US.

I first reported about the Eagle Cap-Off during their successful Kickstarter campaign.  They have since moved into full production.  This great opener is now available for purchase.  I have a vintage Eagle Cap-Off that has survived nearly 70 years.  Check out my Hands on Review of that.  I also have a beautiful new unit.

This is a quality American made item that should last you many years.  Price of the mechanical opener is $58.  T-shirts and combo packs are also available

As of this posting, coupon code homebrewfinds takes 10% off your Eagle Lock Company order.  Check Eagle Lock Company’s website for up to the minute availability.

From HBF Reader PJ: Contributed to their Kickstarter. Just received mine a couple of weeks back and love it!

Learn More | Buy Eagle Cap-Offremember promo code homebrewfinds

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One thought on “American Made Eagle Cap-Off Mechanical Bottle Opener – 10% Off for HBF Readers

  1. da kine

    I have this and it’s an excellent opener. It takes the cap off while keeping it in good shape with no bends (except maybe a depression in the middle). To be honest, it’s easier to use a pry-off doohickey, but this thing is way cool and quite impressive. I don’t know if it’s worth $50+ for you but I didn’t mind spending that money on such a cool piece of equipment.


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