50 x PET 28mm Bottle Caps

28mm Plastic Screw Caps for PET Bottle, bag of 50 Sneaky Alcohol Caps Reseal Your Bottles Perfectly

Bag of 50 PET Bottles Caps.  28mm size fits most standard PET Bottles.

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Quality 28mm Soda Bottle Caps – Fit Most Soda Bottles On The Planet
  • Lowest-Cost 50-Pak Soda Bottle Cap On Amazon Or Anywhere! That’s A Trademark Characteristic Of The FiZZ GiZ Brand. We are the Walmart of carbonation products!
  • Bottle Your Own Beverages Giving Them The Same Appearance As Big Bottlers
  • Tamper Rings Give Your Bottles New Un-opened Look ‘n Feel – Sneak Alcohol Caps Reseal Your Soda Bottle Perfectly

If you bottle your homebrew in PET bottles (soda bottle or other sizes) you’ll probably want to periodically replace the caps.

28mm Plastic Screw Caps for PET Bottle, bag of 50

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