20 lb CO2 Tank – $132.99 + Free Shipping, Faucet Sale & Tank Tip


Brand new, 20 lb, aluminum CO2 tank.  Aluminum will not rust.  Tank is shipped empty.

Tip: Get a big CO2 tank.  At my supplier, it costs around $20 to swap out an empty 5 lb tank.  It costs around $25 to swap out an empty 20 lb tank.  It’s more than 3 times the cost to refill the smaller tank!  This will pay for itself quickly both in time and money.

As of this posting, MoreBeer has this is marked down to $132.99 and includes free shipping to most US addresses.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

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CO2 Tank – (20 lb) D1052 – $159.99 $132.99 + Free Shipping

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2 thoughts on “20 lb CO2 Tank – $132.99 + Free Shipping, Faucet Sale & Tank Tip

  1. Douglas Cox

    Good advice. I got a 10 lb tank when I bought my kegging setup.

    One tip, though: Call first to see if the place has 10 or 20 lb tanks filled before you go in. I had to settle for a 5 lb tank and a notation that I get back a 10 lb tank when I bring it back next time. One phone call can save you a lot of hassle!


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