Ends Soon: Looking for a Black Friday Deal on Blichmann Gear?


As far as a deal that is geared directly toward highly end Blichmann gear, I think you have two chances to see something like that on Black Friday… Slim and None.  It just doesn’t happen.  MoreBeer’s Black Friday Sale does discount gen 1 Beer Guns, but the higher dollar stuff is typically under MAP agreement.  That’s Minimum Advertised Pricing and it means retailers agree to a minimum price.  All that to say… Blichmann Black Friday Sale isn’t usually a thing.

However… There is a Black Friday Sale going on that takes advantage of a loophole of sorts.  Beer & Wine Hobby is giving away a $10 gift card for every $50 spent (that will be automatically added to your cart).  That DOES apply to Blichmann Gear.  This amounts to an approximate 20% -ish off savings on BoilerMaker kettles, Fermentator Fermenters, the new Cornical Fermenter/Serving System and “Cornical” Kegs, newer Blichmann QuickCarb, TopTier Brewing Stand, Therminator Chiller and More.  Also… most orders over $19 ship for free.

I’m hoping this is well within the MAP agreement and will continue for the full length of Beer & Wine Hobby’s Sale.  It’s not often we see this sort of discount.  If you’ve been waiting for a Blichmann deal, I suggest getting on this quickly.

Update: Some who tried to get in on this may had problems getting free shipping for this gear.  If you were one that was having problems, this has been fixed.

Beer & Wine Hobby | Blichmann Gear at Beer & Wine Hobby

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3 thoughts on “Ends Soon: Looking for a Black Friday Deal on Blichmann Gear?

    1. admin Post author

      There website isn’t behaving then. It’s supposed to qualify. I think it’s going to expire tonight. If you’re interested I’d contact them tomorrow and I’m guessing they’ll extend it for you.


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