Atlantic Brew Supply: 20% Off Imperial Oatmeal Stout Kits + National Learn to Homebrew Day

from Atlantic Brew Supply:


To celebrate International Stout Day, Atlantic Brew Supply is offering Raleigh Brewing Company’s pro-series clone recipe kit for The Toll, an Imperial Oatmeal Stout, at 20% off.

This clone recipe of this GABF-winning Imperial Oatmeal Stout has all that you’d expect from a strong stout: The beer pours thick and black, and starts with the seductive scents of dark fruit, smooth chocolate and well-kilned malt. The first sip is more of the same, with a hint of sweetness and an alcoholic punch to round out the finish. Truly a stout worth celebrating!

The Toll Imperial Oatmeal Stout Kits

We’re also taking 15% of our full line of homebrew equipment kits to help celebrate National Learn to Homebrew Day


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