8 Ounce Anchor Measuring Cup… $1.72… Shipped at Target


Anchor Hocking 8 Ounce Measuring Cup.  As of this posting, Target has this for $2.20.  Apply promo code KITCHEN and the price drops to $1.72.  This also coincides with a free shipping promo (no minimum order limit) to the contiguous US.  That means this measuring cup is just $1.72 shipped.  Prices and promos can change quickly. Check Target’s website for up to the minute pricing, availability and promos.

Use for general around the brewery measuring and more

Anchor 8 Ounce Measuring Cup

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One thought on “8 Ounce Anchor Measuring Cup… $1.72… Shipped at Target

  1. Jessica

    I have this measuring cup. It is awful. Even at $1.72, it is a waste of money. The paint came off with a year of hand-washing.


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