15% Off Speidel Fermenters! + Hands on Review


Speidel Fermenters are made from heavy duty HDPE, durable and resistant to oxygen transfer.  They have built in handles, All ports seal with gaskets.  Quality German manufacturing.

I own two Speidels… they are great Fermenters! Check out my Hands On Review of the 5.3 and 7.9 gallon sizes.

Great Fermentations carries both the 15.9 and 7.9 gallon versions along with a lineup of accessories.

As of this posting, Great Fermentations has a site wide 15% off sale going on.  That applies to nearly everything including Spiedel Fermenters and accesories.  Shipping falls under their flat rate shipping program.

Speidel Fermenters – use promo code HR1337 || 15% off at Great Fermentations

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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