1 lb Citra + 1 lb Centennial – $36.50… Shipped


For a limited time, Nikobrew is offering free shipping on domestic orders of $31 or more.  International orders will receive a $5 (manual) discount via a Paypal refund.

This means that you can get 1 lb of Citra and 1 lb of Centennial for $36.50 shipped to domestic addresses.

Hops at Nikobrew – sorted by best selling

CITRA PELLET || SIMCOE PELLET – $16.75 || CASCADE PELLET – $10.25! || GALAXY PELLET – tough to find in stock, especially by the lb || CENTENNIAL PELLET

Hops are flushed with nitrogen and stored at a frosty 5 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their stability and freshness.

This promo has expired.  See Recent Finds & Top Deals

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