What’s going on at uKeg? Retail Availability and Kickstarter Fulfillment


A while back I announced the availability of uKeg Growlers at MoreBeer.

See: GrowlerWerks UKeg 64 Pressurized SS Growler – 64 oz GL700

I received some feedback from people that still hadn’t received their Kickstarter reward yet when that post went live.  They were frustrated and I understand that.  I was a bit confused myself.

Not long after I spoke, by email, with the folks behind uKeg.  They have also published some updates on their Kickstarter page.  The short of it (in my words) is… They have been sued in what they are calling a frivolous lawsuit regarding patent issues.  That has put them in a cash crunch and in order to get out of that, they have moved into retail sales to fund Kickstarter fulfillment.  That’s my interpretation.  If you’re interested, I’d suggest reading all of their updates for their explanation.

From their August 14 update…

“Our new motto is: “Sell uKegs, Ship Rewards”

As you know, since a frivolous lawsuit was filed against us, we’ve had to use retail Sales to complete delivering rewards to our Backers. You have been very supportive during this challenge to the project and we appreciate it.”

uKeg Kickstarter Project || uKeg 64 at MoreBeer

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2 thoughts on “What’s going on at uKeg? Retail Availability and Kickstarter Fulfillment

  1. Kevin Chambers

    I also purchased 2 Growlers through their Kickstarter campaign it has been almost two years and I have not seen a growler yet. I was disappointed after making a commitment to their project to learning that they moved production to China. I would have never supported this campaign if I knew I was purchasing something from China.
    Unfortunately I too feel I will never see these items.

  2. Tim H.

    Patent lawsuit or not, Growlerwerks didn’t have their ducks in a row for any aspect of their project. Don’t get me started on the decision to take production to China! They throw an “update” out now and again and proclaim it makes everything better. I honestly doubt I’ll every see the two uKegs I supported them for, and anyway I’m getting pretty comfortable with the Hydroflasks I’ve bought in the meantime….


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