Two New AMCYL 5 Gallon Ball Locks… $127.46… $63.73 Each!


Two new AMCYL Brand Kegs

5 Gallon, Cornelius Style, Double Rubber Handles, Ball Lock, 304 Stainless Steel, Manual Pressure Relief Valve, Rubber Bottom, NSF Approved

Home Brew Supply has a “Summer Yard Sale” going on as of this posting.  The discounts select gear by up to 25%.  This sale discounts this two pack to just $127.46.  That figures to just $63.73 per keg for… brand new AMCYL brand kegs.  This is a great deal!

This promo has expired.  See recent finds below.  Also: Home Brew Supplies Specials Page

New 5 Gallon AMCYL Ball Lock Keg w/ Rubber Handles – Two Pack$169.95 $127.46

Bundles With: Keg and Carboy Washer: Since the “Summer Yard Sale” doesn’t require a promo code you can get in on this and the Mark II Keg and Carboy HBF Reader Deal on the same order.  Note the Keg & Carboy deal ends soon.

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One thought on “Two New AMCYL 5 Gallon Ball Locks… $127.46… $63.73 Each!

  1. Steve

    It still shows the $169.95 price and not the sale price of $127.46, even after I place it in the cart and went to check out. No deal.


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