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Triple Scale Hydrometer Homebrew Beer & Wine Making Home Brewing

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A hydrometer is used to determine the specific gravity (SG) of your beer, this is a measurement of sugar in a liquid.  This measurement can also be determined in two other scales °Plato/Brix or Potential Alcohol. The specific gravity is used to determine the alcohol level of your beer and to monitor the fermentation progress.  A reading must be taken from cooled wort or wine must BEFORE fermentation, and a second reading is taken AFTER fermentation the difference between the two readings is then plugged into an equation (or online calculator) to determine the alcohol content in your beer or wine.  A must have for anybody making wine or beer at home!!

This hydrometer can be used to determine the OG of your wash or mash,  the FG after fermentation, and the ABV before distillation.  IT WILL NOT DETERMINE PROOF OR ALCOHOL PERCENTAGE AFTER DISTILLATION.  You will need a Proof and Tralle hydrometer for that specific purpose which is the same instrument calibrated for a completely different range of measure.

How to Determine ABV from SG readings for Beer & Wine:

1. Take reading before fermentation (This is your Original Gravity OG) (wort temperature should be a s close to 60°F as possible, or a temperature correction must be made)

2. Take a second reading after fermentation (This is your Final Gravity FG) (at 60°F)

3. Subtract the second reading from the first (OG-FG)

4. Multiply your total by 131 (OG-FG) x 131=ABV

5. Example (OG=1.080) (FG=1.011).  1.080 – 1.011 = 0.069 x 131 = 9.039%ABV

Triple Scale Hydrometer via eBay.  As of this posting, this is selling for $6.94 and includes free shipping.  Check the listing for current price and availability.

Triple Scale Hydrometer Homebrew Beer & Wine Making Home Brewing

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