“Ron Mexico” Pale Ale on Sale at MoreBeer – features new HBC438 Hops


Ron Mexico Pale Ale from MoreBeer…

“The next hot hop? This delicious Pale Ale is based on new experimental hop, HBC438, that has the unofficial name of  Ron Mexico due to its native US neomexicanus  hop heritage. This hop has enticing aromas of stone and tropical fruit, orange, mint, and herbal characteristics.  Vinnie from Russian River Brewing (of Pliny fame) used this hop in an experimental beer brewed for the National Homebrewers Conference and also recently raved about this hop in a talk we attended.

The story of this hop is really unique. Traditionally hop breeders finish the testing of experimental hops internally and then release to the commercial market. Now they are turning the tables and trying something new!  HBC 438 is being released EXCLUSIVELY to the Homebrewing community first. Then in the future, as more is grown, they will release it to commercial brewers. So the tables are flipped – Pro brewers will be reading your reviews and seeing what you thought of the hottest new hop.

What is also cool is that all proceeds from the sales of these hops go to ALS.net and help fund the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s largest non-profit biotech focused entirely on ALS Research.

Our take on a Ron Mexico pale includes some acid malt and carapils for body, crystal 60 for color and richness, and Rahr Two-Row for a great malty base. “

As of this posting, MoreBeer has marked down both extract and all grain versions of their Ron Mexico Pale Ale Kit.  No coupon code is required.  The discounted should be reflected on each product page if it’s still going on.

$5 Off Ron Mexico Pale Ale at MoreBeerFree shipping with $59 order

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