Inkbird ITC-308S Dual Stage Temp Controller w/12″ Stainless Probe


Itc-308S Dual Stage, Pre-Wired Digital Temperature Controller by Inkbird

Dual stage means that the Itc-308S can control both a heating and cooling device.  Alternatively, it can control a heating or a cooling device.  This controller displays in Fahrenheit and Centigrade.  Maximum output is 1,100 watt at 210 volts.  Dual Display shows both measured and set temperature.

Use to control fermentation or kegerator temperatures.

Itc-308S vs the Itc-308.  I have the Itc-308 [Hands on Review].  tn_itc308reviewThe Itc-308S adds a 12″ stainless steel probe.

Inkbird Itc-308S 1100W Pre-wired Digital Dual Stage Temperature Controller Outlet Thermostats With 12″ Stainless Probe Sensor DC Cord

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Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed.  Check the product page for current description, price and availability.

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