Heat Resistant Glove [Minding Yeast Starters & Brew Day]

G & F 1689L Heat Resistant Glove Commercial Grade, Large

G & F Heat Resistant Oven Glove, Large  by G & F

I use a similar type of glove when I’m making yeast starters in an Erlenmeyer Flask.  It’s really handy (pun intended) to swirl around the flask or to quickly remove to keep the flask from boiling over.  These are also handy on brew day for handling hot (but not wet) ball valves and such.

These are not waterproof.  Safety Note: Always use caution when handling hot items or ingredients and always read and follow manufacturer directions.

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G & F 1689L Heat Resistant Glove Commercial Grade, Large

Also Available in MediumG & F 1689M Dupont Nomex® & Kevlar® Heat Resistant Oven Gloves, BBQ Gloves, Fireplace Gloves, Commercial Grade, Medium, Sold by 1 Piece

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One thought on “Heat Resistant Glove [Minding Yeast Starters & Brew Day]

  1. Chris Miller

    Just an observation. I have a pair of similar gloves I picked up locally and while they are very good at insulating, they have no “grippy bits” like some other gloves. I keep mine in my brew day box for moving hot kettles, handling lids, etc. but picking up glassware, especially a 5L Erlenmeyer with a gallon+ of liquid, can be a bit … tenuous.

    I’d recommend sticking with other HBF recommendations for gloves like:
    for handling glassware.


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