15% Off Off ProFlow Dynamics


ProFlow Dynamics has a great variety of homebrew related gear including stainless steel Camlock disconnects, threaded fittings (t’s, elbows and connectors of every sort), ball valves, kettles, burners, thermowells, site, gauges, silicone tubing, Chugger pumps and more.

Promo code “SBI 15%” (with space and no quotes) takes 15% off already great prices.

ProFlow’s Homebrew Lineup – use coupon code “SBI 15%”

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7 thoughts on “15% Off Off ProFlow Dynamics

  1. Danny

    When I follow the link the stainless inline chugger is listed at $139. The plastic head starts at $106.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Danny! It’s still working as of this comment – I just checked. You need to use the coupon code in the post (that takes off 15%) and you also need to use the link in the post (that takes off 5%).

  2. Scott

    They don’t have inventory of the center inlet’s. They haven’t since June when I place my order. I was told last night it would be at least another week before they had inventory. Which means two weeks before I see it …. maybe that would put us at 5 weeks post-order.

    1. admin Post author

      Hey Scott! Hmmm… The center inlets are showing as in stock (as of this comment) on the website. I do notice the polysulphone are out of stock. Are they accepting backorders? Is that why it shows in stock?

      1. Scott

        You’d have to ask them. Told me two weeks ago I’d have it by now. They have tried to push the “new” pump on me twice though.

        I’ve got a feeling your affiliates discount and their pricing is pushing that unit below cost…but that’s just a suspicion and eventually they are going to just cancel the order. But that’s ALL SPECULATION on my behalf.


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