Reader Tip: Several East Coast Yeast Strains Available! – Limited Availability

Thanks to HBF Reader Mark for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]


East Coast Yeast specializes in artisanal yeast blends and pure yeast strains of long forgotten and difficult to find yeasts.

Availability of ECY is sketchy at best.  It’s my understanding they are a small operation.  When pitches become available they generally sell out quickly.

love2brew is one of a very few homebrew shops that stock ECY at all.  As of this posting… ECY01 BugFarm, ECY21 Kolschbier, ECY10 Newark Ale, ECY02 Flemish Ale, EC34 Dirty Dozen Brett Blend and ECY17 Burton Union are available.

This search sorts by availability – Available strains will show up first.  Shipping is free with a $75 order.  Grab supplies for your next beer and score free shipping.

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