Reader Tip: Half Off Pliny Style Bottles with Pliny Kit Purchase

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For a limited time, MoreBeer is discounting cases of (12) 500 ml Pliny Style bottles by 50% when you purchase a Pliny the Elder Recipe Kit.  All versions (extract and all grain) qualify.

from MoreBeer:”A hip, beer bottle perfect for your latest creation. 500ml/16.9 oz is the perfect size. Larger than a 12oz bottle it will fill a pint glass to the rim but is not quite the committment of a 22oz bomber bottle. Amber color. Accepts standard bottle caps. Very similar to but not exactly the same as the bottle used for Pliny The Elder.”

Pliny Kits at MoreBeer | Brewing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit

500ml Beer Bottle (12) B318$13.99 $7 + Shipping – use promo code BESTBOTTLES

Since MoreBeer’s Cart accepts multiple promo codes you can get in on this and their Deal of the Day (while supplies last).

MoreDeals! at MoreBeer:
Note: MoreBeer’s cart accepts multiple coupon codes. get in on multiple deals on the same order and maximize free shipping.

  1. BeerSmith 2.0: for $18.99
  2. MoreBeer’s Kit(s) of the Week: Kit of the Week – 20% off! – 8 recipes discounted this week!
  3. Hops! While you’re placing an order, check out MoreBeer’s Hop Market.  That features rotating deep discounts on hops.  Maximize free shipping and grab a deal on hops.
  4. Project Extreme Brewing: 20% Off Kits

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Brewing More Beer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!Brewing MoreBeer’s Pliny the Elder Kit!

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