Reader Tip: 4 x 1 lb Hop Grab Bags at Nikobrew

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Nikobrew 4 x 1 lb Hop Grab Bags are back.  At $36 for 4 lbs, this figures to just $9 per lb.

More about Hop Grab Bags at Nikobrew

from Nikobrew: “Each “Grab Bag” consists of four single pounds of hop pellets from the 2013 harvest.. Which varieties are they? There are over a dozen varieties in these but you won’t know ’till you get them! They are clearly labeled; we just don’t tell you what they are when you order. That’s what makes them so fun! The price is just $36 per Grab Bag, AND you still get to take advantage of our ridiculously low priced $5 flat rate shipping (to all 50 states, and we have great international rates as well – most orders are shipped via USPS Priority). I know what you’re thinking “Can I get MORE than one grab bag?” and the answer is “ABSOLUTELY!”. A lot of our customers take this opportunity to to stock up on 2 or more of these 4 packs.

These will be available while supplies last – so hurry up!

As with all of our hops these have been stored in nitrogen flushed mylar and VERY cold to retain freshness. Being that they were harvested just over 2 years ago, they will likely not give QUITE the punch they once did, but the way we store them there is generally minimal degredation and they’re still good to brew with. We have brewed with hops that have been stored properly for several years with great results, as have many of our customers (retail and commercial).”

Nikobrew offers $5 Flat Rate Shipping on any domestic order.  International shipping is also available.  1 lb ships for the same rate as 20 lbs.  Stock up on hops for your upcoming brews and saving on shipping.  Full Hop Selection

Hop Grab Bags at Nikobrew – 4 random 1 lb bags – 2013 crop

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