PICO Style Stainless Steel Keg False Bottom – $99.99 Shipped


Stainless Steel PICO style keg kettle false bottom w/supports from Adventures in Homebrewing.  This is designed to fit in the bottle of a half barrel (what I would call a standard keg in the US).  Made of stainless steel and designed with 2.25″ supports to keep your grain off the bottom and prevent scorching.  A selection of half barrel kegs can be found on AIH’s Kettle Page including this ported one that is one sale for $99.99.

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from AIH…

PICO style Stainless Steel keg kettle mash tun false bottom (keg kettle NOT included). The 16% open design lends itself to better efficiency and a clearer sparge.

The 2 halves fit snugly into the keg preventing grain leakage while resting on 2.25″ tall supports above the port. This allows you to mash in a keg kettle without scorching grains. Diameter is 15-3/8″ which matches the inside diameter of the 1/2 barrels.

This is the most efficient false bottom we have ever seen or used. If you can find a better false bottom, Matt will eat his hat (and he really loves his hat).

These PICO False Bottoms should not be used with a pump discharge barb of over 3/8″. Using large 1/2″ barbs will create too much suction on the false bottom and can cause the stands to bend. We only recommend 3/8″ tubing and barbs down stream of your PICO Mash Tun.

AIH has this marked down $29 from $129 to $99.  Shipping is also free as of this posting.

Stainless Steel PICO style keg kettle false bottom w/supports$129 $99.99 + Free Shipping

One thought on “PICO Style Stainless Steel Keg False Bottom – $99.99 Shipped

  1. Travis

    Any suggestions for setting up Beersmith profiles with this? It’s an awesome fit in my keggle, and looks even better, but I had lots of trouble with efficiency using this compared to a false bottom in a 10 gallon Rubbermaid.


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