Nite Ize DoohicKey Stainless Multi-Tool and Opener + Review

Nite Ize KMT-11-R3 DoohicKey Multi-Tool, Stainless, 1-Pack

KMT-11-R3 DoohicKey Stainless Multi-Tool by Nite Ize.  Key sized multi tool (can attach to key ring).  Stainless Steel, Box Cutter, Bottle Opener, Wrench, ruler and Flat Head Screw Driver.  I have this and keep it on my key ring.  This is an EDC (every day carry for me).  I use it almost daily.  Check out my Hands on Reviewtn_img_9823-225x300

I’m a big fan of Nite-Ize Gear.  I have… the S-Biner Ahh Caribiner Clip Bottle Opener (standard equipment for me when traveling), KBB9-03-01 KnotBone Adjustable BungeeSBL-03-11 S-Biner GetLit, StainlessC9L-02-01 Large Figure 9 CarabinerGear Tie Clippable Twist Tie.  In my opinion… they make some really well thought out, innovative and quality stuff.

HBF Reader EchoTony says: “I have this and it is great. Mostly use the blade edge for opening packages, but the opener has been handy a few times. Very simple, but works great.”

Nite Ize KMT-11-R3 DoohicKey Multi-Tool, Stainless, 1-Pack

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