New Beer Kits at Label Peelers + 30% Off Beer & Wine Kits


Label Peelers has announced the availability of of three new Brewer’s Best recipe kits.

Blueberry Honey Ale
Blueberry Honey Ale Beer Kit presents with a thick, white head and aroma of luscious blueberries. It finishes out with just a hint of… read more

Pineapple Honey Wheat
Pineapple Honey Wheat One Gallon Beer Kit features a honey-like sweetness with tropical notes from the natural pineapple flavoring. Light bodies and very refreshing, this brew is… read more

Raspberry Golden Ale
Raspberry Golden Ale One Gallon Beer Kit has the backbone of a Belgian Strong Ale with specially selected yeast to create a predominant amount of fruity esters that pairs well with our all natural raspberry flavoring. Although this brew is higher in alcohol, it is still a… read more

Also… Label Peelers has discounted Beer and Wine Kits by 30%.  The beer selection includes Label Peelers Original Recipes, Brewer’s Best Kits, Cider House Select Kits, Muntons Kits and Brewer’s Best All Grain BIAB Kits – See Also: Hands on Review – The Brew Bag.

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