Brand New Italian Made Ball Lock Keg… $94.99… Shipped

Cornelius Keg - Brand New (5 Gallon)

from the Description: “We import these Cornelius Kegs from AEB Italy, a long-time manufacturer with impeccable attention to detail. Perfect laser welds ensure easy sanitation and reduced risk of contamination. While newer kegs shipped from China may have modern features, they do not provide perfect laser welds and therefore risk contamination over time. You’ll be glad you paid a bit extra for this high-quality keg. Tack on our famous Fast & Free shipping and you’ve got a great quality keg at an amazing value!” (keep reading)

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Cornelius Keg – Brand New (5 Gallon) KEG418 – $119.99 $94.99 + Free Shipping

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2 thoughts on “Brand New Italian Made Ball Lock Keg… $94.99… Shipped

  1. muchtall

    I don’t quite get the value of Italian ball lock kegs. The NSF rated kegs that AIH regularly sells for $75 seem to be of similar quality. One of the Q-and-A’s on their page mention that the cheaper kegs are “only” 304 stainless, but from what I can find online, so are the Italian ones. So…. whats the difference? Laser welds maybe?

    Given most of us probably run with used kegs with a decent amount of wear and tear already. I doubt that anyone cares to spend the extra $25 for the prestige of an imported keg. Most of the used Cornelius stuff came from right here in the U.S., in Anoka, MN.

    Not trying to be negative, just wondering: Can anyone tell me the legitimate difference, other than the exotic origin and price?

    1. admin Post author

      From what I’ve heard, the welds are better on Italian kegs. Is it worth paying more? I don’t know. I’ve got AIH’s 5 gallon keg and the quality is great. I’ve also got three of morebeer’s torpedo kegs and quality is very good too.


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