2L Swing Top Growler – $23.95 + Growler Filling Tips & Tricks

2L Brown Swing Top Growler

I have this growler and I love it.  High quality, great design.  German style design with a flip top cap.  Works with a #10 stopper if you want to use this for starters.

Growler Filling Tips and Tricks
Place a clean growler in your kegerator with an ounce or two of Star San in the bottom.  After the growler is completely chilled, swish the Star San around to coat the inside and discard.  Now you have a sanitized, cold and wet growler that’s ready to fill.  The cold and wet part will help reduce foaming.  Turn down the pressure on your kegerator (maybe 3 or 4 PSI) and fill using a piece of tubing on your faucet that is long enough to reach the bottom of your growler.  Doing this will keep foaming to a minimum and decrease the introduction of oxygen.  Cap on foam and you’re done.  Related: Growler Fillers 

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2L Brown Swing Top Growler GL520 – $23.95 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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3 thoughts on “2L Swing Top Growler – $23.95 + Growler Filling Tips & Tricks

  1. Dave

    I have one from Hangar 24. I can see how some might not like them but I like it and the two places I take mine to be filled have their taps a little higher than normal.

  2. Hugh Janus

    I’ve spoken with a few employees at various breweries, taprooms and pubs – this style growler is, by far, their least favorite to fill. The height makes it difficult to fit under some faucets, the wide handle means it won’t fit into a standard plastic bucket (to catch overflow) and the porcelain stopper easily chips. But it’s very nice looking.

    1. admin Post author

      I have one and I love it. It’s well made and (I think) rated for pressure (which few glass growlers really are). I get the difficulty filling though. If you didn’t have the height under your taps, it could be a problem. Also the narrow neck results in a quick fill at the end which could cause overflowing.


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