Reader Tip: RO Water System… $122.18 + 15% off for first time customers

Thanks to HBF Reader Paul for this tip!  [8 Ways to Connect with HBF]

rosys has this 5 stage reverse osmosis system for $122.18.  If you’re a first time customer use promo code 15TODAY for another 15% off.

Use a reverse osmosis/RO system to create RO water as a base.  From RO, you can build the water back up with water salts to dial in the special profile you’re looking for.  Want to learn more about brewing water and how to adjust it?  Check out Water by Palmer and Kaminski

This is a 50 gallon per day system.  Also check out this 75 GPD system.

5 Stage 50 GPD Water Filter System Reverse Osmosis Filtration Drinking Home – $122.18 + 15% Off for first time customers

Also: Water by John Palmer and Colin Kaminski | Portable Reverse Osmosis Water System

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