$20 Voucher with Thermovest V2 Fermentation Warmer Purchase at Beer & Wine Hobby


The Thermovest V2.  The Thermovest V2 from Beer & Wine Hobby is a temperature controller and heat vest in one.  Designed to help keep your fermentation going in the colder winter months and help to dial in fermentation temps year round.

About the Thermovest V2
from Beer & Wine Hobby

New! The Thermovest V2 is the latest evolution in our quest to keep fermentation temperatures perfect all year long! And the newest vest has been built with improvements requested by our customers.

Unlike warming pads, internal heaters or thin belts, the Thermovest has many benefits making it the top choice in fermentation control.

Warming & Design features:

  • The Adjustable Thermostat: The Thermovest features an analog thermostat so that you can adjust the temperature from 32 to104 degrees. This allows you to set the temperature the vest will achieve.
  • Heating coils throughout: The Thermovest also features a double heating coil configuration to ensure consistent heating of the primary plastic fermenter or glass carboy
  • Complete coverage: The Thermovest has a top skirt that covers the angled portion of a glass fermenter, blocking light from your craft beer or wine.
  • Unlimited use: The Thermovest can be used long term on your wine or beer; drawing only pennies of energy per day.
  • Denier Nylon Shell: The body of the Thermovest is easily cleaned with a wet cloth
    Large closures: The vest features two large velcro straps to hold it snug against your fermenter or carboy

Important Safety Features:

  • The vest is thermally protected to shut should it overheat
  • The vest is also protected by a GFCI plug


For a limited time Beer & Wine Hobby is offering a free $20 voucher (to use in store or online) with the purchase of a Thermovest V2.

The Thermovest V2 – $141.99 + Free shipping + free $20 voucher – To see if this is still going on, look for… “DEAL #1 OF 45 CELEBRATING 45 YEARS IN BUSINESS! BUY A THERMOVEST V2 AND GET A $20 VOUCHER TO BEER & WINE HOBBY. NO LIMIT!” on the product page.

Update: This promo has expired or pricing, availability or description has changed – Check the supplier’s site or product page for current availability

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